NuWave Duet Benefits

One Go-To Appliance on Your Kitchen Counter

The NuWave Duet replaces both a pressure cooker and an air fryer, two of the most versatile appliances you can have in your kitchen, making it the one go-to appliance for every meal, every day.

Healthier, More Nutritious Foods

Conventional cooking is notorious for leaching the vitamins and minerals out of food, not to mention all the added oils that load unnecessary calories and grease into otherwise healthy meals. Both pressure cooking and air frying preserve the natural vitamins and minerals. They also eliminate the need for extra fats and cooking oils. That means great tasting, nutritious meals with up to 75% fewer calories!

More Time with Family and Friends

The NuWave Duet can cook a full, healthy meal for you and your family up to three times faster than a conventional oven and it is a breeze to clean up, which saves you time in the kitchen that you can devote to more important things.

Easy to Use, Easy to Clean

The NuWave Duet's intuitive controls make it easy to use the unit right out of the box, while the air fryer and pressure cooker lids ensure that any cooking mess stays inside the Duet, leaving you with fewer pieces to clean when you're done cooking.

More Economical

The Duet can save energy, which can save you money. It can also make cheaper, tougher cuts of meat more tender and juicy. Pressure cooking breaks down tough connective tissues up to 3 times faster than conventional ovens, making that cheaper cut more tender and just as juicy and delicious as a more expensive meat.

Saves Energy

Conventional ovens and stoves heat your food, and everything else, too. That's a lot of wasted energy. By concentrating all the cooking heat and pressure on the food, the Duet can deliver delicious, juicy results up to three times faster, saving you money on your energy bill and keeping you and your kitchen cool.

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