How NuWave Duet Works

Pressure Cooking

Like the NuWave Nutri-Pot, The Duet's pressure-cooking capability is based on pressurized steam. Once the pressure cooker lid is placed on the Duet, closed and sealed, the unit quickly brings the water inside to a boil. This creates a supersaturated steam environment that cooks faster; infuses the food with flavor; preserves moisture, vitamins and minerals; and even tenderizes tough cuts of meat.

Air Frying

By combining hot air with high-speed air circulation, much like the NuWave Brio Digital Air Fryer, the Duet perfectly cooks all of your favorite fried foods. Using 1500 watts of power and its special air fryer diffuser, the Duet creates super cyclonic air that circulates around the food, air-searing the outside while locking in the flavor and juices, making your food taste like they've been deep-fried but without all the unhealthy oil.

Combo Cooking

Begin with pressure cooking to thoroughly cook your meal, then air fry to seal in all the juicy goodness under a delicious, crispy exterior, and you have the essence of Combo Cooking. The Duet makes this easy with its Combo Cooking function. This allows you to set both pressure cooker settings and air fryer settings at the beginning instead of reprogramming the Duet in the middle of cooking. You will still need to swap out the pressure cooker lid for the air fryer lid at the appropriate time, but that's all. You can even save your combo recipe program to use again.

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